Hits! (Boz Scaggs album)
Hits! (Boz Scaggs album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boz Scaggs is one of those artists that bring back some pretty fond memories for me.  It takes me back to 1976 and the album “Silk Degrees.”  I’d just moved from a small, isolated, rural hometown — at age 15, getting ready to go into my junior year of high school, and I’d just gotten my driver’s license — to a bigger town that actually had a Kmart not far from where I lived.

I had money earned from mowing lawns burning a hole in my pocket, and there was SSSOOOOO MUCH MUSIC to choose from in my walk to Kmart.

I remember one of the first album purchases I made at that Kmart:  “Silk Degrees.”

It was smooth.  It was cool.  It was jazzy.  It had a bunch of hit songs.  Boz’s voice caught my ear.  It was one of those albums I found myself listening to over and over.

I also found myself singing along to it, over and over, song after song.  Ssssooooooo … cool.

That was the first of a few Boz Scaggs albums I’d pick up in the following years.  With that voice, with that smoothness, with that feeling of class in each tune, Boz has a sound that just doesn’t manage to get old as all the years go by.


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