My lovely wife and I have a weekly “date night” to help keep our marriage fresh and alive.  It helps us to reconnect with each other after spending more time apart in the days leading up to it than we’d really like if we had our way and other responsibilities weren’t out there to keep us away from each other.  Our “date night” is much more often spent at home, on Saturday nights after the sun goes down.

We’ve been including some time for dancing into those “date nights.”  We’ll go over to Amy’s music teaching and art studio on the far end of the house to do it, where I’ll put a CD into her karaoke machine and play some danceable music — fast and slow, we enjoy both flavors.  Our children asked something after our last “date night” about whether I can dance, which surprised me because I thought they’d seen me dance before, like at wedding receptions.  I told them that I most certainly can, though it’s not the more choreographed kind of dancing.  I just get out on the floor and start moving to the music, and I don’t think it looks all that bad, if I do say so myself.

I’ve never heard anyone complain about my moves.  Instead, I’ve heard more in the way of compliments.  Amy would love it if I took dancing lessons, but I’m just not the “choreographed” kind.

The Donna Summer Anthology
The Donna Summer Anthology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I did take one dancing lesson, many years ago in my mid- to late-teens before I got out of high school.  It was during the time when disco was so big, and I’d head out to one of the local teen dancing clubs when I could.  There wasn’t a night that would go by at one of those teen disco clubs that I wouldn’t hear at least one song by Donna Summer.

It’s with that memory that the music fan in me mourns the loss of the “Queen of Disco,” Donna Summer, who died Thursday at 63 after a battle with lung cancer.  It’s another case where a music legend dies, and a ton of my own personal memories goes with her.

I can still remember the controversy surrounding her song “Love To Love You Baby,” calling it nothing but “one long orgasm.”  I was enough of a disco fan that I can remember going to the theater to see her star in the movie “Thank God It’s Friday” in 1978.

It was hearing her music, however, and getting out on the floor to dance to it along with a cute girl that I will always remember the most.  I think I’ll do that with my permanent “cute girl” dance partner (and let me tell you, she’s got some serious moves!!!) on our next “date night” to celebrate the life and the career of the “disco queen.”

Hold on, Amy, we’re gonna do some dancin’ tomorrow night!


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