Erroll Garner could have been a big hero to me.

cdcovers/erroll garner/``concert by the sea''.jpg
cdcovers/erroll garner/“concert by the sea”.jpg (Photo credit: exquisitur)

How, you ask?  Erroll couldn’t read a lick of music.  I can’t read a lick of music.  He had a good ear for music, he had an excellent feel for relative pitch.  My lovely wife, the music teacher, keeps saying that I have that myself.  Now, if only — like him — I knew how to play the piano, or the guitar, or drums, or whatever.  If I couldn’t at least sing on occasion, I’d be lost.

Erroll Garner was self-taught, never took a piano lesson.  Yet he produced some of the most-loved jazz music of all time.

Look up some of the classic albums in jazz history, and chances are you’ll find Garner’s “Concert By The Sea” in someone’s list.  He could also be a hero to me by the enthusiasm he showed in that recording, and in the “tributes” that he paid to the great songs and composers who came before him in that live performance.

With Eddie Calhoun on bass and Denzil Best on drums, this 1955 classic would become a recording to remember, for all time.


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