There’s something a bit unique here in the playlist today as we swing back around to the country side of things.  I’m giving a playlist devoted to the three Hanks — Hank Williams Sr., Hank Williams Jr., and Hank Williams III.

Hank Sr., is another one of those country music legends that I grew up listening to.  I can even remember watching the tanned George Hamilton play Hank Sr., in the movie “Your Cheatin’ Heart.”  It had to be must-see viewing at the time for Mom.

I spent many a time cruising along in a cousin’s pickup truck in my hometown listening to the songs of Hank Jr.  And, yes, there’s some Hank III songs I can truly appreciate.

It’s pretty cool how the three generations have carried on that family tradition for cutting-edge music, each one of them taking a well-established form of country and “pushing the inside of the envelope” just a bit each time a new one would come along — from the pure country of Hank Sr., to the rebel sounds of Hank Jr., to the “punk country” flavor of Hank III.

Of course, there’s another family tradition with the “three Hanks.”  Lots of hard living.  And it all comes out in their music.

It’s some kickin’ stuff for sure.


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