I was going through some older music posts last week, going back to the beginning of the year, putting them into sub-categories to make the playlists a bit easier to find based on genre.  The farther back that I went, I realized how badly I’ve “shorted” a few of the bigger groups or artists in the jazz-fusion catalog.

Mahavishnu (album)
Mahavishnu (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of them has been The Mahavishnu Orchestra.  That should be considered a crime.

These playlists of mine have caught on pretty well here in the “land of the middle (class).”  Why, just last Thursday I noticed that, in between the time that I’d gone to bed the night before and the time that I’d checked my stats after I’d gotten out of bed that morning, my playlists had been viewed in Belgium alone a total of 41 times.

I’m sure there have to be some Mahavishnu fans in Belgium, and I can’t let them settle for just two measly MO videos dating back to the first of the year.

That has to be some violation of international law, not to be able to witness the fire-hot guitar playing of Mahavishnu John McLaughlin, the drumming of Billy Cobham or Narada Michael Walden or Danny Gottlieb, the keyboard playing of Jan Hammer or Gayle Moran or Mitchel Forman, the violin virtuosity of Jerry Goodman or Jean-Luc Ponty, the bass mastery of Rick Laird or Ralphe Armstrong or Jonas Hellborg, the fabulous saxophone playing of Bill Evans, or whatever other combination of musicians were on hand.

As for me, my greatest love for The Mahavishnu Orchestra comes from the original lineup of McLaughlin, Cobham, Hammer, Goodman, and Laird.  They were the group that sparked an unbelievable fire that consumed a world of fusion fans.

We can’t forget them.  Absolutely criminal to even think of forgetting them.


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