Why is it so hard to see what the Occupy movement is really all about?  Why do so many of the larger media representatives seem to stumble all over themselves trying to explain why the Occupy movement even exists?

Why is it that so many people who seem to have a beef with the Occupy movement look upon protesters like they’re all a bunch of unclean, unemployed hippies who have nothing better to do with their time?

There are comments just like that in many news reports as protests have gone on in Chicago during NATO meetings over the past few days, including this report from CNN.com …

CNN:  More protests planned for Chicago NATO summit

So, tell me, does the person in the picture below look like some unclean hippie?

Photo via Facebook

There’ve been reports that the number of protesters hasn’t really been all that large, numbering in the hundreds.

Do the crowds in the photos below look like they number in the hundreds, or the thousands?

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

And what organizers have claimed that they wanted to remain a peaceful protest hasn’t quite stayed that way.  The question comes down to “Why?”

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

Still, it’s amazing as to why so many people — why so much of the media — seem to be so confused as to what the Occupy movement is really all about.

The warning signs have been out there for quite a while.  It’s just a matter of paying attention.

For a clear, concise, blunt explanation as to one of the major things that has spurred Occupy, I turn to a hero of mine.  He’s someone who’s been “around the block” a few times, a respected member of the media who’s no longer really a member of the “mainstream” media, someone with no ties to any corporations, someone who’s free to research, observe, analyze, and come out with a blunt view as to what’s happening today.

This is no “hippie” I’m talking about.  This is Bill Moyers.

Photo via Facebook

That pretty much sums it all up, nice and neat.

Where are all those people like Bill Moyers these days?  Or have they all been chased away?

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2 thoughts on “What happened in Chicago

    1. Yeah, I agree. It would help the Occupy movement a bit, though, if many of its supporters could have a better idea of what they’re supporting. I’m on a lot of Occupy pages in Facebook, and I can see some fighting amongst themselves. That will be the greatest damage to them of all.

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