Speaking of bands I’ve kind of given a short attention span to here, and shouldn’t …

Night After Night (UK album)
Night After Night (UK album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I’m going to the very first (outside of Kansas, the band) progressive rock group that turned me on to the entire genre, the supergroup known as UK — a band with a history that’s been all too short, and its catalog of music has been painfully shorter.

It’s fitting to feature them now in my playlist, seeing as how they’re on a reunion tour where they’re reportedly kicking tail and not apologizing for it.

UK Reunion Tour Dates, Musician Forums

Trust me, for many progressive music fans, this reunion tour is like manna from heaven.  With Zappa and Roxy Music and Jethro Tull alum Eddie Jobson on keys and electric violin, King Crimson and Asia (among others) vet John Wetton on bass and vocals, and drum monster Terry Bozzio, it’s a “wow” experience.”  And if they were to ever come around my neck of the woods … wow!  It’d bring back memories of seeing them live with Jethro Tull at Idaho State University way back in 1979.

A thrill indeed!


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