If I could have a face-to-face chat with Newark Mayor Cory Booker, I might say …

Cory, do you know what a facepalm is?  It’s that thing that people do when they’re frustrated, when they’ve said all they can say and done all they can do, and it just does no good.  Jon Stewart does it a lot on The Daily Show.  It’s kind of like this “Picard sequence” below:

Cory!  Dude!  I just saw that you went on the Rachel Maddow Show Monday night to say that you, as a bold Democrat, were “upset” that the Republican Party has “manipulated” your words from your appearance on “Meet The Press” last Sunday, when you talked about being nauseated by negative campaigning and that the Obama campaign should take a hands-off approach when it comes to looking at private equity firms — like the one that Mitt Romney helped to launch.

Cory Booker at a Barack Obama campaign rally i...
Cory Booker at a Barack Obama campaign rally in Newark, NJ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Come on, man!  Cory, I thought you were smarter than that.  I mean, you went to some of the finest universities in the world.  Your resume is sparkling.  And you didn’t stop to think before making that comment that Republican leaders wouldn’t jump on that and milk your comments for all they were worth?

You are smart, right, Cory?  Or are you just … naive?  Did you honestly think the Republicans were going to give you a pass on that remark you made and let you skate by with it?  Did you really think they were going to give you a “do-over,” let you take a “mulligan?”

These are sharks you’re dealing with here, Cory.  You cut yourself on Sunday morning, Cory.  You gave those sharks a whiff of blood, and they started swarming all over you.  You tried putting a bandage on it Sunday night in your YouTube message saying that private equity firms like Bain Capital and Romney’s experience there should be fair game after all, and that’s fine.  That might have stopped the bleeding.

But, Cory, did you really need to go on the Maddow show and kind of re-open that wound and let the sharks come after you again by making yourself look … naive at best?

Cory, take my advice, please!  Time to move on, just learn from the experience and go on about your business.  There are still sharks in those political waters, and they’re gonna eat you alive, man!

Don’t make me show you another facepalm!

Copyright 2012, Daddysangbassdude Media


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