I was sitting at a teacher’s desk in a local high school band room while the West Valley Symphony of Utah was practicing there Wednesday night, and when I wasn’t listening to and watching the orchestra rehearse, I skimmed through a special edition of Rolling Stone magazine from November of last year, sitting on the teacher’s desk, that listed the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.

I’ll add the categories rock, blues, and soul guitarists to that list myself because there were tons of great guitarists in other styles not even mentioned in that list who influenced the ones in that list.

Joe Bonamassa @ Massey Hall
Joe Bonamassa @ Massey Hall (Photo credit: TonyFelgueiras)

There are tons of great young guitarists out there today, and a few of them were spotlighted in that list.  Then again, there were a few who weren’t who probably should have been.  One of them was blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa.

Here’s a relatively young man of 35 years of age who it seems has been around for ages simply because he started blowing people away (like B.B. King) at such a young age, and what’s scary is that there are even guitarists coming up today who are younger than him who are pushing him for mention among the next guitar greats.

I’ve had the late Stevie Ray Vaughan on the brain today, but I’ve done a playlist for him before already on a Friday.  Stevie Ray was among Joe Bonamassa’s influences, as were blues legends like Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, and a lot of great British blues players like Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck.

Bonamassa is really now standing on his own among them, and will soon be listed among those who influence the next generation of guitar heroes.  Then we’ll see if he’s still missed on Rolling Stone’s 100 greatest guitar players of all time.

We’ll start by watching Joe at age 12, jamming with Danny Gatton‘s blues band.  LET’S GET THIS LONG WEEKEND STARTED!


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