My music playlist for today (May 27, 2012 edition)

How serious am I about remembering the real meaning of Memorial Day this weekend?  Very serious.  Even in the world of music, we can remember those who have given their lives in the service of their country.

This photo from a US Government website (http:...

This photo from a US Government website ( shows Maj. Glenn Miller during his service in the US Army Air Corps. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to jazz, we lost a real giant when — on December 15, 1944 — big band leader, swing composer, and trombonist Glenn Miller went missing in action when the plane which was carrying him to France to entertain U.S. troops in World War II disappeared over the English Channel.

For me, this isn’t about stretching to satisfy any of the older blog followers.  I’ve genuinely appreciated Glenn Miller’s music for many years.  I’ve long considered “In The Mood” to be one of my favorite jazz tunes.  It’s got such a great, fun feel to it and it’s so easy to just get the urge to get on your feet, grab someone special, and get out and dance to it.  It SWINGS!  It’s an American jazz staple, and I love to hear it even now when my big band jazz-leading father-in-law plays it with his own band.

We may never truly know the rock-hard facts surrounding what happened to Glenn Miller.  All we have left on his disappearance is speculation.  If no remains or trace of the plane has ever been found, even to this day, we have to wonder if they’ll ever be found and whether the truth will ever be known.

What is a rock-hard fact about Glenn Miller that will always remain true is this:  he was an American music icon, one who has been greatly missed, ever since giving his life while serving the country that he represented so memorably both before and after his death.

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