Country music is all-American stuff.  Much like jazz, it’s something that can solidly claim that it is American music, through and through.

English: Picture of graves decorated with flag...
English: Picture of graves decorated with flags at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On a day like today — Memorial Day, when we honor those who have fallen in service to our nation — it’s only fitting that we see and hear the performers who’ve brought us some great tunes that honor our country, including those who’ve worn the uniforms of our armed services.

I’m not looking much for the partisan stuff, we get enough of that in our everyday lives outside of music.  I’m looking for the tunes that can make us proud to be Americans, to show our strengths and maybe to address our weaknesses just a touch — hopefully without pointing fingers, but to show how we need to and can pull together, regardless of political stripes, and work together.

I’m looking for music that salutes our service men and women.

That’s some of what country music can do best.  It’s down-home.  It’s America for Americans.


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