I could get into some Dixie Dregs right about now for a jazz-fusion “fix.”

Unsung Heroes (album)
Unsung Heroes (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week, I took a deeper look at Mahavishnu Orchestra.  It’s not a tremendous stretch to say that The Dixie Dregs were an American version of John McLaughlin’s flamin’-hot band, only with the Dregs they funked and rocked it up a bit more, “Southern style.”

Like Mahavishnu Orchestra, there were a few different lineups through the years, but at its absolute peak — like Mahavishnu — there was a guitar player who could burn up the fretboard and compose music with a unique flair in Steve Morse, complimented note for note on the violin by Allen Sloan.  They had a powerhouse drummer in Rod Morgenstein.  Bassist Andy West packed quite a punch.  On keys, T Lavitz rounded out the very valid MO comparisons.

They played straight fusion, they played rock, they played country, they played classical.  These guys could play whatever they put their minds to.

Oh, and taking the Mahavishnu Orchestra comparison to an even higher level, as the Dregs were starting to wind things down in later years, original MO violinist Jerry Goodman joined up with, yessirree, The Dixie Dregs.

The similarities can be quite entertaining.


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