Not much more for me to add in words here, might as well just reblog what’s already been said.

The Fifth Column

I’ve written a few posts on Bank of America‘s heartlessness in the past.  Here’s another one…just as or even more egregious than the other BOA articles on this blog.

By the way, are these massive layoffs around the country conveniently timed for the election season by raising the number of unemployed in the country, thus keeping the economy weak for the purpose of making President Obama look inept?

Do these corporations, who are allegedly deemed to be “people“,  even care about The United States of America?  Does the GOP care?  They all seem to be doing their best to sabotage President Obama’s chances of winning a second term, even at the cost of Americans’ losing their jobs and their homes.  I’ve concluded a long time ago that the GOP and their Corporate buddies hate America!

Addicting Info

It’s like a bank heist in reverse, Via Mother Jones:

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