Oh, I could play a ton of Bob Seger tunes in here.  Yeah, I’m a fan of Bob, have been for many a year.

There’s still time to get deep into the Bob Seger collection … later.  For grins, just to throw a curve, I won’t do that here today.  But I will focus on a Bob Seger album.

Smokin' O.P.'s
Smokin’ O.P.’s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t remember exactly when or how I came across my old vinyl copy of the 1972 collection “Smokin’ OP’s,” but I had been listening to Seger’s music long before that time.  I have to say, the first time I ever listened to him sing the first track, “Bo Diddley/Who Do You Love,” my admiration for Bob’s ability to belt out a rockin’ tune shot up to a whole new level.

It was singing that was straight from the gut, right from the heart.  He was hungry.  It was intense.  He didn’t really let up on any song after that, through the entire album.  He was definitely “smokin’ OP’s,” as in “other people’s songs.”

Seger has had so many great songs through the years, made albums much more popular than “Smokin’ OP’s.”  But for my money, this one’s my favorite of them all.

Bob was ssssssssssssssmmmmmmmokin’!


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