My lovely wife and I did our usual bit of after-sundown Saturday night dancing over in her music teaching studio last weekend, and although I had other things going through my mind at the time that kind of dampened my enthusiasm a bit, it was still fun.

Ray Charles Invites You to Listen
Ray Charles Invites You to Listen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What helped to make it fun was the music we were dancing to.  We were dancing to some of the best of Ray Charles.

With most of the tunes I played that night, I preferred the ones where I could just grab on to my lady, hold her tight with her head either close to my cheek or resting on my chest (there is a somewhat serious height difference between us), and sway to the music, even on a tune that prompts you to move a bit more — like “I Got A Woman.”  I needed the closeness more than anything.  It was comforting.

And then we had to close it out with “What’d I Say.”  That got me moving a bit more.  As for my lady, she was dancin’ up a storm, enjoying herself — just the way I like to see her, with a smile on her face.

She and Ray gave me all that I needed to lift my spirits a bit that night.


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