I guess you could say I’m “burnin’ for Buddy” today in my classic jazz selections.

The Lionel Hampton Art Tatum Buddy Rich Trio
The Lionel Hampton Art Tatum Buddy Rich Trio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Buddy Rich, that is.

This one’s dedicated to my father-in-law, Doug Wareing, 84 years young and still leading two bands up in southeastern Idaho.  Of course, one of those bands is your classic big band jazz outfit.

Doug can and does play a variety of instruments when he’s not conducting.  Probably his favorite of all to play would be the drums.  And Buddy Rich is among his favorites.

Years ago, I took it upon myself to look for a Christmas gift to Doug from our family.  My search naturally led me to a music store, where I found a CD of modern rock and jazz drummers paying tribute to the master.  The CD was called “Burning For Buddy,” with current drum masters like Neil Peart and Bill Bruford — among many others — showing just how much Buddy Rich influenced them in their own playing.

Buddy could be a tough bugger to work with.  He wasn’t shy about giving musicians a dressing down if he didn’t feel they were doing things the right way.  For the most part, however, you wanted to work with him.  It looked great on a musician’s resume.

It was about the closest thing to drumming perfection you could get.


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