If there’s one area that our church family at the Wasatch Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church in Salt Lake City is making a big push, it’s the area of a global outreach through mission trips.

Brooklyn Anderson is dressed in a panda costume on a very warm day as she holds up a sign along Foothill Drive in Salt Lake City to draw attention to a car wash and bake sale being held nearby Sunday as youth from the Wasatch Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church and their adult leaders participate in a fund-raiser so the young people can go on mission trips to Africa and Monument Valley next year. Sunday was the first day for them to start raising money toward global outreach efforts. (All photos by John G. Miller)

There have been adults making mission trips on their own to places like Haiti and Africa through the years from Wasatch Hills.  Now, there is a campaign to get the youth of the church more involved in mission trips as well.  But mission trips don’t come without some kind of price tag, and the effort to raise money toward trips for the younger people at Wasatch Hills kicked off in a big way on Sunday.

A large group of youth, their adult leaders, and parents started the fund-raising effort at the church late Sunday morning through early afternoon, gathering at the church for a car wash and baked foods sale with all proceeds going toward church youth mission trips to Africa and Monument Valley next year.

In the first day alone — just through the car wash and bake sale — well over $400 was raised through people just donating whatever they could for a wash or a baked treat (one man drove up and gave $20 for a single cookie), with more fund-raising efforts to be planned for the future.  Also in the works is a “rent-a-teen” project with services being provided such as lawn care and babysitting.

It’s all part of a larger group effort to raise money, but anyone wanting to go on the trips will also need to find ways to raise money on their own, said Christina Anderson, Wasatch Hills children’s ministries leader.  Each person going will need to have up to $3,000 to cover travel costs, food, and other necessities.

The Africa trip is planned for February to Chome, Tanzania, through World Health Services.  According to Wasatch Hills Pastor Bernie Anderson, who has gone on mission trips to Africa himself in the past, the youth would be helping with running health clinics, Vacation Bible School, and maintenance work.

The Monument Valley trip is being planned for next June, partnering with the Maranatha organization on a building project in the Navajo reservation.

Alicia Miller along with Brooklyn Anderson in the panda costume hold up signs to draw attention to a fund-raiser for mission trips for the youth at Wasatch Hills Adventist Church on Sunday. Well over $400 was raised on the first day of the effort, with a car wash and bake sale taking place at the church.
Katy Watson does her part to try and bring in customers for the car wash and bake sale.
Liberty Anderson helps a customer at the baked foods table.
Krissy Watson and her little sister Kimmy watch over things at the baked goods table while their brother Zach “hangs out” in the background.
Grant Miller (background) and Cody Dunn scrub down a vehicle at the car wash.
Zach Watson (left), Cody Dunn (middle), and Cameron Dunn wash off a car to help raise mission trip funds.
Youth leader Logan Harper and Grant Miller scrub and spray a car at the car wash.
It wasn’t all work and no play at the first day of the church youth fund-raiser. Cameron Dunn was among those who enjoyed riding a motor-powered scooter around the parking lot.

5 thoughts on “A mission to raise funds for mission trips

  1. Awesome!! Those kids did an incredible job. It was a great kick-off for sure and we have a long way to go!

  2. Great article I am the mother and grandmother of the Anderson crew, it brings back many memories of my years as a Youth Leader. I can’t tell you how many cars I have washed in my day. It brings me joy to see young people and youth still wanting to make a difference and getting out there to make it happen. Praying that the blessings keep flowing in as the fundrasing projects continue. Betty Boyle

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