I mentioned Rush’s drummer Neil Peart on Sunday in my jazz playlist featuring Buddy Rich, and I mentioned the band on Tuesday in my jazz-fusion playlist.  I might as well put the spotlight fully on Rush in my progressive rock playlist today.

Peart (right) performing with Rush. Français :...
Peart (right) performing with Rush. Français : Rush en concert à Milan (Italie), le 21 septembre 2004 Italiano: I Rush in concerto a Milano (21 settebre 2004) da sinistra:Lifeson, Lee e Peart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rush is one of those bands that can be hard to categorize.  They could fall under heavy metal, classic rock, they started out with a bit of a bluesy sound.  Given the complexity of Rush’s music — the epic, storytelling, science fiction nature of so many of Rush’s songs — I’m putting them in the progressive rock category today.

Peart could play whatever style he chooses on drums and play it very well, which was why I mentioned him in the same jazzy breath with Buddy Rich (plus the fact that Peart helped mastermind the “Burning For Buddy” collections).  Peart is among the great percussionists of any genre.

Put him together with the riffing and rocking of Alex Lifeson on guitar and the signature vocals, bass playing, and keyboard textures provided by Geddy Lee, and you have one of those trios that makes people wonder how it is that three guys up on a stage can produce such a massive wall of sound.

One of my great concert-going memories revolves around seeing Rush live at the Minidome at Idaho State University around the time their album “Signals” came out in 1982, along with my good friend and old college roommate Baron and one or two other friends.  We had some fun adventures in the time leading up to the show, sharing lots of laughs that Baron and I actually recalled in a phone conversation in recent months.  But the show itself … that was the topper to the whole day.

My most memorable moment from that show:  when Rush performed the song “Red Barchetta,” the video that went with it of a car racing along a highway and the lines on the road whizzing by, thinking of my own long-lost, white-haired uncle with a country place who used to sell cars … dreaming.

Rush even has a new album coming out next week.  After all these years of making so much music, still together and cranking out tunes.  Amazing.


7 thoughts on “My music playlist for today (June 6, 2012 edition)

  1. These guys still amaze me. They play with such skill and stamina and I give them a lot of credit for still being around and still sounding great!

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