My music playlist for today (June 7, 2012 edition)

Since I got onto the subject yesterday of musicians who’ve been around quite a while who are still putting out new music, how about some classic rock from Joe Walsh, who just released “Analog Man” — his first studio effort in about two decades — just this week?

Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh (Photo credit: AlexanderVisuals)

Whether it’s been with James Gang or Barnstorm or The Eagles or on his own, Joe Walsh has always written songs with a style and an attitude that I’ve loved.  He’s got a sound on guitar that’s pretty much all his own.  And that voice … well, vocally, no one sounds like Joe Walsh.  It’s all just kicked back, uncomplicated rockin’.

From the early “Funk” tunes onward (especially the classics “Funk #48” and “Funk #49”) through today (he even has a new tune called “Funk #50” to carry on the tradition), that bite in his guitar and in the words to his songs has always been there.  This time, he even has the perfection-seeking producing chops of ELO‘s Jeff Lynne in his corner.

Walsh is a man who’s proud to say that he’s cleaned up his act … literally.  Gone is any substance abuse that may have muddied his efforts in the past, so it’s fitting that he has Lynne’s ear to bring out the sound that’s within “Analog Man.”  It’s crisp, it’s clean, just the way Joe Walsh’s music should be heard.

It brings out all of that bite that’s within it.  And yet he remains just your ordinary, average guy.

Crunch away, Joe.

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