The human voice is a powerful musical instrument.  When they’re truly mastered by someone with great gifts, any musical instrument can bring out different emotions — sadness, joy, love, anger, pain, etc.  Is there one that speaks from the heart and touches the heart more directly than the human voice?

Ella Fitzgerald, photographed by Carl Van Vech...
Ella Fitzgerald, photographed by Carl Van Vechten, 1940 Jan. 19 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Has there been a human voice that could reflect all of those emotions more than Ella Fitzgerald?  Take a listen to her voice — especially when she’d start into her scat singing — and you’ll get an idea of just how marvelous an instrument Ella Fitzgerald possessed.

Listen to her do some extended riffing on a song like “How High The Moon,” and you’ll get quite a glimpse of how amazingly powerful that instrument was.

There have been many other singers through the years who’ve had the power to make us feel the emotions that are within them, a marvelous gift.  There’s been only one known through all these years as the “First Lady of Song.”  That was Ella Fitzgerald.


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