As I’ve been thinking of female singers to spotlight during my “ladies’ week” playlists, one thing that I’ve been looking for is versatility.  Could each singer step outside of their genre and make their mark in another?

Annie Haslam (album)
Annie Haslam (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ella Fitzgerald … certainly.  Carrie Underwood … she’s done it in a short time.  Gayle Moran … absolutely.  Now, when it comes to progressive rock and Annie Haslam, you have someone who fits right in with that criteria.

With Annie, the fashion world’s loss has been the music world’s gain.  She started out as a fashion student, but a sister-in-law heard her singing along to the end of a television show and advised her to do something with her voice.  She studied with an opera singer, developed a five-octave range, auditioned with the progessive rock band Renaissance … and the rest is history.

Annie is another one of those singers whose voice has been described as “ethereal.”  With a five-octave vocal range, it almost has to be that.


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