Again, this week’s music playlists are an attempt to focus on those ladies of song who could step out of one genre and be just as big in another, whether it’s opera or rock or jazz or country or soul or any combination of any style.

Whatever You Want (Tina Turner song)
Whatever You Want (Tina Turner song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to classic rock, there are a fair amount of singers to choose from.  I have to go with someone who’s done it time after time, and that’s Anna Mae Bullock — otherwise known as Tina Turner.

You could easily say that Tina is a soul singer, just as easily as you could say she’s a pop singer or a rock or R&B singer.  She’s even done country music.

The struggles she’s gone through in her life have surely given her the background to sing with the kind of guts and emotion that she has through the years

Tina’s life has been a tough one, and she’s come through it all with a lot of style.  She’s made it big, faded a bit (through no fault of her own), and come back bigger than ever — even managing to do some terrific turns in the movies.

She’s proven time after time that there’s nothing going to keep her down.


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