Last week, I introduced you to “Chet Chesterfield” in THE BIIIIG TALENT SHOW, and he gave you a taste of some of his “all-American views” with a bit of his true story-telling.  Now, the dude just won’t leave me alone.

I will say this much for “Chet.”  He’s got himself a lovely wife, and he’s bringing her into his “act” this week.  “Chet” isn’t bringing quite the same hard-hitting analysis that he gave last week, he’s toned it down just a bit after the ruckus we got into last week (and, no, I didn’t tell him myself to tone it down, Chet’s on his own here).  He’s offering us a bit of a doubleheader this week, showing what his lady has been working on for talent and offering a bit of the knowledge that he’s gained from his own efforts to broaden his career path a bit.

I’ll let them show you what they’ve got.

“Mr. and Mrs. Chet Chesterfield”

One more thing for “Chet” …


Do you have a “hidden talent” that you’d like to share with the world?  Feel free to do so!  All I ask is that you keep it at a “PG rating,” because, after all, this is SUPPOSED to be a family friendly show!

How do you do it?  Use a camcorder or a webcam, silly!  And come up with something original to post on YouTube so I can share it here!  Put on your thinking caps, boys and girls, and feel free to send me those YouTube links to (Do I dare give out my personal email address?  Yeah, why not, I know how to use the Delete button there too.  And we’re all friends here, right?  Right?)  Be sure to give me your first name and where you’re from so I can let people know.  I won’t be putting them up every day, maybe just make it a Friday-only show.  A great way to end each week (if you give me that many each week).

Be sure to give me a subject line on your email of “The View’s Big Talent Show Submission.”  And I am serious!

Good luck!  I look forward to seeing what you’ve got!  And, like the Foo Fighters once sang (a time or two), “KEEP IT CLEAN!”

Copyright 2012, Daddysangbassdude Media


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