Greatest Hits (Amy Grant album)
Greatest Hits (Amy Grant album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In wrapping up the “ladies’ week” playlist, inspired by my lovely wife and the many styles she can sing in herself, I should turn to one of the singers I seem to recall her listening to a lot when I was first getting to know her — Amy Grant.

Over the past seven days, we’ve taken in the music of the “First Lady of Song,” the “Queen of Soul,” so why not go with the “Queen of Christian Pop?”

Amy Grant fits right in with the theme of the ladies I’ve been featuring when it comes to versatility.  She got her start in Christian music as a teenager, she’s won a bunch of Christian music awards, she was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame in 2007.  But she’s done well as a crossover artist as well, being part of hit songs in the pop music world.

That crossover success hasn’t been applauded by everyone, and some of the things she’s done and said haven’t always gone over all that well in the Christian community which lends itself to a sad bit of judgmentalism.  But there can be no arguing that she’s helped a lot to bring contemporary Christian music to where it is today.


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