Compiled By Amy Kathleen Miller

From day one, my husband John wanted to be present in our kids’ lives.  He changed their diapers and helped any way he could, right along beside me.  He also listened to my advice on how to be a better dad, and that was one of the best things he could have done.

We have three wonderful children together:  Curtis, who is now grown to the age of 20; Grant, who is now 19; and Alicia, who we call a surprise package from God, who’s 13.  They are all great kids for John and I to raise together.

John along with our children — Curtis (left), Grant, and Alicia. (Photo By Amy Miller)

When it came down to it, John was very devoted to them when it came to getting them all to school before and after work.  We had them in a private church school and he was mostly the one who drove them back and forth to school, which was across the valley.  It was a two-hour drive every day that he made to get these kids the best education that we could provide for them.  I call that dedication.

When Grant went to the church school his last two years there, they had a flag football team with John volunteering to go there twice a week to serve as an assistant coach to help the head coach, who was the school’s principal and had many other things going on as well.  At the end of those two seasons, they took their team to Monterey Bay, California, to play other teams in a tournament.  Of course, they won most of their games — all of them in their last season — since John was the assistant coach.  They did this for two years, but the experience was a fun one for Grant and John.  We have lots of pictures of these trips with Grant.

In the time he was an assistant coach, John tried very hard to be a positive role model to the kids in all things, not just in football.  John has especially worked to reach out to the kids who haven’t had a strong father figure in their lives, because John knows what that’s like.  John’s reached out to them, and they’ve responded to him very well.

John is still trying to reach out to and influence those same young people in a positive way to this day in any way that he can.  He believes very strongly in being a positive father figure to anyone who might need it.

John (kneeling, far right) along with head coach Trevor Kendall (kneeling, middle) and the Salt Lake Avengers flag football team from Salt Lake Junior Academy at their last tournament at Monterey Bay Academy in Watsonville, California.

Our boys also went on a mission trip to Monument Valley, Utah, to help out there in preparation to building a new health center.  Our church had quite a few people go to do this along with three boys who could learn from this experience on giving a helping hand.  They helped to prepare the ground and the foundation for the building.  On the same Monument Valley trip, they worked on laying and leveling concrete for a garage for a family that was building a church nearby.  That was quite the experience for the boys.  We have a picture of Curtis helping to build this concrete floor.  I have been told that Curtis learned the formula to mix the concrete after all that experience.  We also have photos of the boys when they took a break holding kittens and loving on them.  My boys loved the critters.  They take after their father that way, because John loves all living creatures.

John also told me in the beginning of our parenthood that teaching music to our kids was my department while he wanted to help them with their other homework.  He did his job as well as he could and enjoyed every minute of that with the kids.  Since John is a gifted writer,  he could handle the English department very well.  He would try his hand at math to a certain point.  Like me, he’s not that much of a math person, and if it started reaching a level there that was beyond him he’d try hard to figure things out so he could teach them himself as much as he could.  But he could do everything else with the kids and it was a joy to watch him.

So, basically, for years John was the chaperone for these kids since I was a private music teacher and would teach my own music students after school hours.  Alicia also went to the private school this last year and John would pick her up after school, and started out taking her to school as well after he lost his job in late October.  He called this father-daughter time together.  They would listen to the K-Love Christian music station together on the radio pretty much every day.  He would be present to all the parent-teacher conferences that he could possibly attend. When Alicia was in Pony Club, he went to all her meetings with me.  He loved to help out and watch his daughter learn better riding skills on her beautiful horse Gypsy.  He and I enjoyed these times together watching her grow.   I call this true dedication, don’t you?

I could go on and on about the father John has been for our kids, but I think I will let them speak for themselves with their own letters to their dad for you to see.


Dear Dad,

Happy Father’s Day!  It’s been great to have you as a father.  You’ve been supportive of me over the years and I could not have gone as far as I have without you.  I greatly appreciate how you’ve helped me over the years.  I’m getting older now, and more independent, but I always have appreciated your guidance, and I will not forget it.  I hope you know how much you matter to me, and never forget it.

Love, Curtis.


Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  You have been a great dad to me for 19 years now, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the good things you bring to this family in the future.  You are a very smart person, and you have a lot to offer the world.  Thank you for all the love and support you give me, and thank you for making me the respectable person I am.  You have given me good values, that I will be sure to pass on to my kids.  And I will continue to get better at everything I do well, and I will make you proud.  You are an unselfish person, always willing to do things for people who need help.  I will follow your example and hopefully I can say that I am as smart as my Dad.  I hope I can help make your Father’s Day an enjoyable one.

Love, Grant


dear dad,

when I am sad you make me feel much better by your hugs and I love your hugs.  When I am scared you remind  me that I am not alone, that God is with me, and I love to hear you tell me that I am ok and safe!  Through the hard times of you without a job, I want to give you a hug when you are sad and tell you that God is with you when you are scared, but I think you are smart and a great dad and that is why I want to tell you HAPPY FATHER’S DAY because I love you so much with all my heart and I always will!

Love, Alicia


I want to wish John a happy Father’s Day from me too.  I am proud to have him be the father to our children.  The children are our blessing from God.  I love you, John, and want to live more exciting days with you and the kids.

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