There’s no special meaning, no special purpose, no special message behind my Father’s Day jazz music playlist, other than this …

I love good bass playing.  Especially the free-flowing kind of bass playing, bass playing that finds a groove and sticks with it to the very end, bass playing that’s got some muscle and at times some real complexity to it, bass playing that comes from the musician’s heart and soul and can reach into you and pull yours out (figuratively, of course) as well, bass playing that’s an important part of “the pocket” — a term that I never even really noticed or heard of or knew what it meant until I asked, of course, a bass player — that gives music a part of its magic.

Today, I get to choose what I want to hear for a pure jazz Father’s Day.  Today, I choose to hear the musical genius that came from the great Charles Mingus.

Astral Weeks (Charles Mingus album)
Astral Weeks (Charles Mingus album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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