I’m somewhat picky when it comes to modern country music.  I don’t mind if some of it has a bit of a rock sound, but if it comes across more like straight rock-and-roll, well … if I want straight rock, I’ll listen to straight rock.

Can't Be Really Gone
Can’t Be Really Gone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s where I appreciate more modern country stars like Tim McGraw.  He’s been around the block a few times, he’s certainly not a rising star — he’s well-established for sure.  Yet, to me, he still represents a newer generation of country star.  He can rock out a bit, but he still stays true to the roots of the country sound.

Another reason I respect Tim McGraw:  He very well could have made more of a name for himself by pushing hard the fact that he’s the son of a famous Major League Baseball pitcher, but there’s enough of a sad story there that it just wasn’t worth the strain.  Instead, he’s become a country music superstar based solely on his talent, his charisma, his “country attitude.”

It’s carried him far … far enough to have even made a few movies along the way.  His turn in “The Blind Side” wasn’t spectacular, nothing worthy of an Oscar nomination.  But it was solid, believable, and that’s just one of a number of films he’s had a key role in.

As for his charitable efforts, well, there’s a whole other reason to respect the guy.

That’s enough to respect the man purely on his body of work.  Forget the last name and where it came from if you must, just admire the work itself.


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