I love it when we’re surrounded by so many good people.  There are people from our church who have — again — offered a very generous gift to my family to help see us through our hard times, without me having to ask.

It also extends to friends and neighbors from outside our church, from the predominant LDS Church, who’ve done some great things for us as well, regardless of the fact that we’re not members of their faith.

English: Dodge RAM 1500
English: Dodge RAM 1500 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We were getting down to having no vehicles we could drive in the past week or so, due to the fact that the brakes on our pickup truck were getting worn down with the pads down to the metal.  My lovely wife and I were fully prepared to take it to my trusty mechanic on Father’s Day and leave it at his shop overnight so he could work on it the next day, riding our bikes back home over about five miles or so in the hottest temperatures of the year so far.

But, before we could do that, some friends of ours from the neighborhood — including a former LDS Church ward bishop — stopped by to give us an invitation to a wedding reception for their son.  They asked how it was going for us.  Amy said I’d been out of work for a while, our vehicles were breaking down … and that was all it took to get the “good neighbor wheels” in motion.

“Oh, let me make some calls and see if we can get you going again as soon as possible,” the former bishop said.

So he did, and they did.  A member of his ward stopped by our house around 5 p.m. Monday, took a look at what was needed, got the parts, came back to work on it … we were going again with our truck by sundown.

That’s a good feeling.  Those are good neighbors.  And we have a church family from our own faith that means the world to us.  They’re friends and neighbors who see people who have needs, and they step up to the plate to do all they can to help.

It’s like Danny — the guy who worked on our truck — said, “God would want us to do it.”

We are — again — very grateful.

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