Keith Urban showcase - Sydney - First taste (A...
Keith Urban showcase – Sydney – First taste (Album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For today’s country music playlist, I’ll go Down Under.  I know I’ve got some readers in Australia and New Zealand, so as a show of good global relations I’ll offer up some tunes from Keith Urban.

Like so many country musicians, Urban has lived the kind of life worthy of a few stories just from his own experiences.  His interest in the music business started very early, and he pretty much hit the ground running once he got a foot inside the door in Australia with talent show wins, a recording deal, and No. 1 songs there.

He’s worked with big-name American stars like Brooks & Dunn, and his guitar playing skills have gotten him work as a session player with Garth Brooks and The Dixie Chicks.

He’s also had stories coming out of his battles with substance abuse, and he’s got a movie star wife in Nicole Kidman.

Yep, there’s some country stories there all right.


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