It doesn’t matter whether Bill Bruford is playing more classic jazz, jazz-fusion, or progressive rock.  Technically, he’s among the greats.  His ability to play complex time signatures and change them … well, without missing a beat … is something to behold.

Yes, original "Fragile" LP booklet i...
Yes, original “Fragile” LP booklet insert (Photo credit: ocad123)

I’ve given you a taste of Bruford leading his own jazz band, Earthworks, and his own fusion groups.  He’s perhaps best known, however, for his contribution to progressive rock.

Whether it was starting with the prog rock legends known as Yes, moving over to the already well-established King Crimson, going on tour with Genesis when someone needed to sit in on drums during Phil Collins’ lead singing duties, or doing a gig with his former Yes mates Jon Anderson on vocals, Rick Wakeman on keys, and Steve Howe on guitar with some Yes-like music, Bruford has always been a key member of any group he’s been in.

There’s a reason for that.  He’s one of those players with a natural gift, and he’s known how to get the most out of it.  Not with flash, not with breathtaking power, but with deftness and touch and style.


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