The Fourth of July may have come and gone with a bang, but my Independence Week playlist celebration continues.  We’ve found music from American artists so far with roots in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, and today we’ll stay in the heartland with some classic rock from the Hoosier State of Indiana.

Big Daddy (album)
Big Daddy (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He’s been known as Johnny Cougar, he’s been known as John Cougar Mellencamp, and he’s now rightfully known just by his given name of John Mellencamp.  When you’ve made your mark with the style of heartland rock the way he has, you don’t need flashy stage names any longer.  You can feel free to just be your real, honest self, and Mellencamp does just that.

John Mellencamp had musical influences such as Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie — American music icons — and it shows in much of his music, seasoned with harmonica and fiddle along with the more rocking sounds of guitar and a harder beat from the drums.

The great thing about Mellencamp is that he never seems to have forgotten where he came from.  He writes songs and sings to the common person, and he puts his money where his mouth is too as one of the founding members of Farm Aid, which is still going strong today.

He may not be pumping out No. 1 songs or Top 40 hits as much as he used to, but his newer music is still drawing critical acclaim.  He’s still doing his small hometown of Seymour, Indiana, proud all these years later.


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