I’m in “one of those moods” again.  My day hasn’t been going too well.  I had grand plans to replace the weak battery on our car first thing this morning so it wouldn’t leave anyone stranded, and then get right down to doing some studying for a certification exam so I can try to get a job.  Not that I could really afford to buy a new car battery, but what are ya gonna do when getting around with one vehicle just isn’t a good alternative?

So then as I was getting ready to take the old car battery out, I heard a funny noise coming from our home water heater — like water running through a pipe.  I thought I’d get started on the car battery and then check out the water heater a few minutes later, which I did.  Got the battery out and ready to take to the store for exchange, went back in the house … water was streaming out from the water heater.  After all these years, the water heater finally decided to go.  And I was worried about the cost of a new car battery?  How about the cost of a new water heater?

So I called up a plumber friend of ours from church — a guy I’ve called on for several years now when anything plumbing-wise needs done at the church, we’re “tight” — but he won’t be able to get to it for a few days, so I needed to come up with a “Plan B” after getting the water stopped from the heater but going through the rest of the house.  I was running around getting a hose hooked up to the water heater so pressure could be relieved there, turning off the gas to it … all before I even made it to the store to buy a new car battery so I could get back home and replace it.

So I finally got things more under control with our water situation, went to the store, got the battery, went back home, put it in, got the car going fine again, but still had a few more things to do so we could make it through a few days without hot water in the house.

So much for studying so I can try and get a job.  I’ve been too busy watching money go down the drain.

Besides that, it’s one of those days where people around me want to argue about the state of the nation and what’s wrong with the government and the United Nations and how people are trying to take their guns away and the “poor rich people” are getting picked on and … sounds like a country song, doesn’t it?

Underground Album
Underground Album (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, it’s just got me in “one of those moods.”  I could play some Steve Earle or Dwight Yoakam in the playlist today and let it all out, but I’ve already done that here before.  Ah, but there’s always another renegade in the world of country music.  There’s always David Allan Coe.

Folks, enjoy the music of David Allan Coe as much as you please.  As for living like him, well, I wouldn’t advise it — at least not if you want to live a long, healthy, sane life.

But some David Allan Coe sure does fit my mood right now, so bear with me.  My world’s just one big, long Coe song right about now.


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