If there was ever any doubt that Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King is a jackass, his appearance on CNN’s “Starting Point” on Tuesday should lay it all to rest.

Steve King and Tea Party
Steve King and Tea Party (Photo credit: theqspeaks)

“There are more and more people that are looking at others saying they shouldn’t be making that much money because I’m not. And they don’t feel as much guilt about the 72 different means tested welfare programs that we have,” King said.

“Today it’s almost a government guarantee of a middle-income standard of living from all these [government safety net] programs we have. I like an America where people feel some guilt about that and they want to step up and help and carry their fair share of the work.”

Idiot, thy name is Steve King.

See the interview on CNN here

If King is counting unemployment insurance as part of those “government safety net programs,” perhaps the voters in Iowa should consider letting him see just what it’s like to collect a weekly check that’s maybe 1/4 to 1/3 what they’d normally collect from their previous job.

Safety net?  Middle-income standard of living?  Is Mr. King an alien from another planet?  Is he that far removed from reality that he doesn’t realize just how numb-skulled he just made himself appear to be?

“There’s a number approaching 100 million Americans of working age that are simply not in the workforce, and that includes the 13 million that are unemployed,” King said. “Some can’t do anything about that, some aren’t willing to do anything about that.  When you add that all up, roughly a third of Americans of working age are not contributing to the gross domestic product of the United States.”

“They should do their fair share.”

Perhaps Steve King should do his “fair share” first and tell his colleagues in the Republican-led House to do the same and quit focusing on everything but putting Americans back to work.  And perhaps King should check his facts before sticking his shoe in his mouth.  That “100 million” figure is inaccurate.  According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data, of the 243 million Americans who are part of the civilian non-institutional population — older than 16 and not in prison, nursing homes, or the armed forces — 86 million are not in the labor force. Exclude workers nearing the retirement age of 65 and up, and 52 million are not in the workforce.

Please, Iowa voters, do us all a favor — save us from the continued nonsensical ramblings of Steve King.  He can always find a job a few states away in Scranton, PA, I have a feeling they’ll be looking for a bunch of police officers and firefighters in the near future.

Scranton mayor slashes pay for all city workers to minimum wage


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