I’m turning this into a bit of a “renegade week” for my playlist, with the reason why becoming more clear in a couple of days.  It’s a week to note some of the groups or musicians that have “danced to their own beat,” creating a sound that blows away boundaries and becomes so unique you can identify the tunes and/or who’s playing them very easily.

English: Jaco Pastorius, Amsterdam, 1980
English: Jaco Pastorius, Amsterdam, 1980 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, for jazz-fusion, it’s the late Jaco Pastorius.

Jaco was one of those bass players who influenced many, whether it was in the groups he played with like Weather Report, session work with the likes of Joni Mitchell, or in his own solo work.

Jaco made the bass guitar sing with a voice all its own.

Jaco was human — very much so.  He was dealt some pretty tough cards to play with, having bipolar disorder that wasn’t diagnosed until close to five years before his death in 1987 from brain injuries suffered in a violent brawl that was perhaps brought about by his behavioral problems.

It’s one of those sad twists of fate — the condition that helped contribute to his genius as a musician, the intense creativity that he showed, also helped to bring about his downfall.

Jaco left way too soon.  His music will always live on.  Today, we’ll go outside of his work with Weather Report (already featured in a previous playlist here) to more of the work of Jaco on his own.


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