My days have gotten to be quite interesting lately.  Our water heater went out to start the week, and I had to see about getting a new one.  I’m still doing trench digging work on an all-too-regular basis to keep a lazy, selfish person’s irrigating water from eroding away what could be a nice horse riding arena.

This is a photo symbolizing the job search in ...
This is a photo symbolizing the job search in today’s economy. Out of the darkness, there seems to be a ray of hope–but where? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The job search continues.  Just in the last couple of hours, I spoke on the phone with a guy at a consulting company about a job that’s right up my alley as far as computer programming.  The job’s in Iowa, but I could apparently commute every week with expenses covered.  A person has to do what they have to do to get a job these days, even if it means being away from the family four days out of the week.

That’s a taste of what my days are like lately — do some job search tasks, try and study material from career re-training that’s like knowing Greek and you suddenly need to learn Dutch quickly, take care of needs at home and close to home, and … oh, yeah, there’s this blogging thing.

At least I’m not sitting around getting bored.

I’m just wondering if I’ll be around home July 23-28 so I can take part in a big ALEC “welcoming committee” that’s going to be active in Salt Lake City.

What’s ALEC, you ask?  It’s the American Legislative Exchange Council, they’re getting quite a reputation, and they’re going to be having a meeting here later this month.

If you want to know more about ALEC, feel free to click on the link below for a story that came out today in the newspaper Salt Lake City Weekly.


After all this time, I could get a chance to participate in some real “Occupy” movement activity!  Oh, goody!  If I end up working in Iowa, my time with ALEC will be shortened.  If not … well, I’m ready for ALEC.  Not Alec Baldwin, though.  He’s too much of a handful.


3 thoughts on “Looking forward to ALEC, and I don’t mean Baldwin

  1. Very best of luck John! I’d jump on that job if you can but just be very attentive to your family as these situations usually break up families instead of strengthening them, when we’re just trying to keep it together in the 1st place! You DO what you gotta do! Right? Right! Better than second guessing & “Shouda, Woulda, Coulda” (thank you, Chuck!) No harm in checking it out & if it doesn’t work out, well, keep on with the baby steps. Prayers & good thoughts.

    1. I don’t know, I think with what we’ve been enduring since last October the family’s strong enough to come through something like this with flying colors if I were to have to commute to and from Iowa. Alicia herself has said that the time I’ve been out of work has, she felt, made us closer as a family, though she does dread the thought of me working and staying in Iowa four days a week and thinks we should move there if this job happens. I don’t see much chance of a move like that. Amy’s actually hoping I do get this job. It’d just make the time we are together when I’m home that much sweeter. And if the employer picks up the cost of the weekly expenses, so much the better.

    2. It is sweet that you care about our family staying together. But it will survive since it would only be four days out of the week instead of months at a time. My father used to work in Utah as a school teacher while we lived in Idaho. We survived! He was gone five days out of the week, home on the weekend. The other advantage is that it is a way to make money while trying to get John possibly on a better career or possibly his “dream” career. The job there is only for a year with enough money made that could get us into a better financial outlook for us as far as debt goes. I don’t like the idea of him being gone but it is better then unemployment where the stress levels are high to begin with.

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