My music playlist for today (July 19, 2012 edition)

Carlos Santana Electric Guitar

Carlos Santana Electric Guitar (Photo credit: bramloquet)

Now that the playlist has come around to its classic rock stage in this “Latino week,” is there any band that can top Santana in that category?

Really?  Can anyone think of a Latin-based rock band to top the one led since the late 1960s by Mexico native Devadip Carlos Santana when it comes to classic rock, and come up with one that’s had the kind of worldwide impact that Santana’s had through all those years?

I’m waiting.

Be picky here.  Find a band that’s incorporated more Latin-tinged percussion along with the kind of fiery guitar that Santana’s played, and see if they’ve reached a worldwide audience the way Santana has since 1969.

I’m still waiting.

We’re going back to the Woodstock days here, folks, when Santana made a massive crowd sit up and take notice.  The names and the faces that go with the band may have changed a few times since then, and the feel may have mixed a few times between rock and jazz-fusion, but the fire that comes from Santana’s electric guitar has never changed.

That’s part of the reason Santana’s magic’s stuck around as long as it has.

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