The “Chet Chesterfield” talent show normally seen here on Fridays is being preempted this week, for anyone who may have been following it.  That means no “Chet,” no “Cherita,” no “Booger,” and no “Charlotte” for the time being.

In order to put on that “show,” I have to be in the proper frame of mind where I feel like trying to have fun and trying to make others laugh — although I’m not sure how good I am at that.

This time, my frame of mind is much too serious.  At a time when I might otherwise be editing a video and putting it up on YouTube and posting it for people as far away as the other side of the world and having some fun into some odd hours of the night … well, I’m writing this instead.

I had to deal with some unexpected and certainly unwelcome business on Thursday that’s left me far from feeling happy, and I need to come up with a way to “vent” without giving too much in the way of details that could complicate things but still trying to get some points across, so please bear with me.

One point is this:  When the financial security and welfare of my family is threatened in any way, I will fight like a mad dog — legally — if I have to in order to protect my family.

Whether it was an innocent case of miscommunication that can and would be be forgiven if it is corrected quickly, or it was an intentional case of some kind of “corporate game” being played in order to save a company some money in order to make their bottom line look better at my family’s expense, I’m prepared for either scenario — legally.

The sad thing is, it wouldn’t surprise me too terribly much if the latter scenario were the case.  It wouldn’t surprise me because that seems to be the kind of world we’re living in these days where the bottom line of a business is what really matters even if things are done in a slightly unethical fashion to do it, and people are numbers to be tossed aside like so much useless trash.

That last sentence right there contains my main point.

We are living in ever-growing “mean” times, when people will bend the truth in order to get ahead.  I do know this:  the truth is on my side, and I’ll use it like a shield if it comes down to it.  There will be no “bending” in this case with me.

UPDATE (3:13 a.m. Friday, July 20):  I just received an email letting me know that the first “round” of this fight is over, and I have come out on top.  An appeals process is still out there to continue it, but to do so would be unwise on the other party’s part.

My bottom line is this:  I’m getting too old for this crap.  I’m getting tired of feeling like my fate and the future of my family rests with people who see me and others as only numbers.  I want to be the one deciding my own fate, not letting it rest in the hands of others who just flat-out don’t give a damn.

I want to get out of this unemployment situation so bad it hurts, and the garbage that came flying up in my face Thursday morning could all go away very quickly if some minor miracle were to happen and my employment situation were to change all of a sudden, but even then there might be a bit of a fight left on my hands if another party makes the decision to go that route.  I’ll be ready for any scenario, hopefully with my sanity still intact.

A possible job where I’d commute to Iowa and back is still that, a possibility.  I’m checking in on a daily basis on that option.  There’s still the option out there to study like no one’s business and get to “learn Dutch on top of Greek” in the world of computer languages.  The thought of getting some on-the-job training and selling cars hasn’t left the back of my mind.  The thought of starting my own business where my fate is pretty much in my own hands is there, it’s just down to a matter of seeing which idea would work best.

What I don’t need are distractions like the big one that came up Thursday that put me in a fightin’ mad mood.  The world of being unemployed is brutal enough without having to mess around with that kind of … mess.

Meanwhile, we get by with a little help from our friends.  We’re still very grateful for our true friends.

Yeah, I’m gettin’ too old for this crap.


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