This is one playlist during my “Latino week” that I know for sure my lovely wife is going to love.  She does love the funk and the soul and those Latin rhythms that come from the band War.

The World Is a Ghetto
The World Is a Ghetto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You should have seen her light up a bit when we were riding in the car together Thursday night with the top down, she was playing the song “Get Down” repeatedly on the CD player, and as we were nearing home I told her, “I’m featuring these guys in my playlist tomorrow.”

Spill The Wine,” “Why Can’t We Be Friends?,” “Low Rider,” she loves a lot of the groovy War tunes, and I was the one to get her hooked on them.

As for me, I started growing up with these guys in 1972 with the album “The World Is a Ghetto,” a single album that seemed to bring out every single bit of what War had to offer — the soul, the funk, the Latin rhythms, the teamwork on an extended tune like “City, Country, City” that gave each member a chance to shine individually before coming back together as a group so seamlessly.  Oh, yeah, it also provided a bit of social consciousness on tunes like the title track.

It took an Animal like Eric Burdon to help shine a light on them, and once he did they ended up spreading their wings and doing some amazing things.

To top it all off, the core group is still out there under a different name, The Lowrider Band, playing that sweet “all day music.”


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