In trying to give credit where it’s due, I saw the following photo and caption late Sunday night on the Facebook page of one of my newer California musician friends after it had started making the web rounds and I couldn’t resist doing a bit of “word riffing” with it myself that I thought I might expand on just a touch here.

It helps to be somewhat familiar with the rock band Genesis to appreciate the humor behind it, and if you’re not at least familiar with former Genesis drummer/singer Phil Collins then you may end up being totally lost.

All in good humor, folks …

In the beginning, a band was created.  A disciple named Peter Gabriel gathered together other players along with his friend Tony Banks, a group which later became known as Genesis.

Peter and Tony brought in Anthony (Phillips), who would become known as “Ant.”  In the days and weeks and years to come, “Ant” would step aside and the next well-known “Ant” after him would be known as Adam.

Upon “Ant’s” leaving to spread the word to other nations, Steve (Hackett) would be welcomed in to where “Ant” had once stood.

Thus, there was an Adam — errrr, an “Ant” — and a Steve in Genesis.

Peter and Tony also brought in a Michael (Rutherford) and later a Philip (Collins), and they went forth with Adam’s — errrr, “Ant’s” — replacement Steve and began to spread their words to the world.

The disciple Peter began to feel a strong sense that he needed to free the other disciples, so he left the Lambs at Broadway and departed to form another fellowship to spread the words in other directions for the remainder of his years.

Genesis’ message continued to grow and blossom, as did Peter’s.  Steve later went on his own path, and thrived in his own discipleship as well.  And then there were three … Tony, Michael, and Philip.

Together, the trio urged the people to follow them and they would lead them past the land of confusion to the promised land of the invisible touch, which would enlighten them and their audience for years to come.



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