EDITOR’S NOTE:  This article represents the 500th post for the blog “A View From The Middle (Class)” since it was launched last November 10.  It’s only fitting that this article is about a subject that’s been so important throughout this “unpaid endeavor,” one of the reasons why it was launched — maintaining a family through challenging modern times.  And I’m glad that it’s my lovely wife who’s written this 500th article.

By Amy Kathleen Miller

I never expected it to be so soon or for it to be our youngest son, but it has happened.  Grant has gone to live with his grandparents in Idaho because of a  better job there than there is for him here.  Where Grant has gone, it would take us three hours to make the trip by car one way.  So it is not a short distance to visit him, especially on a budget where we have to watch every dime.  In a sense, it only makes it a little harder for me to get used to him being gone when I can’t just go and visit him.

Grant Miller

I do understand that he is 19 years old and he needs to break away someday, but that just means that he lived with John and me for that many years and it is hard to just let that 19 years of being used to a special person to just spread his wings and leave the nest, even though it might be a temporary time away.  But one year is still a long time.

Let me tell you a little bit about Grant and what he has taught me.  Grant is a very laid back, fun, energetic, comical (when you really get to know him) kind of guy.  He loves to have a clean house and things out of sight.  I mean out of sight by putting things out of sight but not necessarily in their correct place, to the point to where I am calling Grant wondering where he put this or that lost item of mine that I could not find.

Grant is a hard worker when he needs to be.  He is really good at hands-on things, such as helping to clean the house, yard work, cleaning out cars, helping people in various needs, such as moving, mission trips, etc.

Grant loves basketball and he loves to play it as often as he can to practice in order to get better at it.  It would be nice if he could make it onto a college basketball team and get a scholarship.  He would be good at it, it would be something that he would definitely love doing, and I would enjoy going to his games and cheering for his team.

Grant is very good at making people laugh.  He is a natural born comedian.  He spontaneously can say the funniest things that make us burst into laughter.  Oh, he would be so good at stand-up comedy, I swear he would.   All he has to do is become more confident in himself.  He would make a great public speaker or teacher or pastor.  Grant is a natural magnet when it comes to kids loving to be around him.  So that is why he would make a great teacher for kids.  But he is nice to any person who would like to talk with him.

Grant has a soft spot for the four-legged creatures as well.  He would work hard to get a duck out of a public swimming pool so the duck doesn’t get hurt form people trying to hurt it.  He loves cats and would try to protect them from mean individuals who want to harm them.  Again, he has a soft spot for the animals.

One of my proudest moments was seeing Grant cross over the stage when he graduated from high school, knowing how hard we all worked to help him get to that moment.  Grant had a harder time in school, but with us all encouraging him and helping him along he made it.  I was proud when I went to his high school counselor and looked him in the eye and said Grant did it, he is going to be able to cross over the stage and graduate with his class.  I will never forget that moment when Grant looked up at me from his chair and smiled.  What a day.

If I could give Grant some advice I would tell him this:  Grant, continue to strive to do your absolute best in whatever you choose to do.  For that is what God wants you to do, that is what we want you to do.  Help His cause with your choices and gifts and you will be greatly blessed.  Pray often and live His will and you will be glad that you did.  I am proud of you for your decision to work on saving for an education and striving to make yourself better even though it is hard to be away from us.  Gotta spread your wings sometime.  Love you, Grant.

Editor’s Note:  “Amy’s Angle” is a weekly Wednesday feature in this blog.

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