The actor Sherman Hemsley — best known as George Jefferson on the old TV sitcom “The Jeffersons” — died Tuesday at the age of 74.  For fans of progressive rock, that’s sad news.  Sherman was a huge progressive rock fan himself, and he let people know it.

In the short video clip from “The Jeffersons” below, the music that Sherman’s dancing into the room to is from the progressive rock group Nektar‘s song “Show Me The Way.”

Yes, Gong … Sherman loved a lot of those progressive bands.  For some reason, many prog rock fans remember a time he once danced onto the set of a popular TV talk show in the 1970s — some think it was the Dinah Shore show, I was thinking I’d seen it on the Mike Douglas show — and spent a few minutes talking about the music he’d just danced to, and other music like it.

The song was “Proclamation.”  The band playing it — featured today during this “giants week” in the playlist — was called Gentle Giant.

Their music was unlike any other, going from something out of medieval times to gut-busting rock.  They were an “acquired taste,” but once you were able to acquire it you were hooked.  They stopped making new music as a group in the early ’80s, and their fans continue to salivate whenever any rumors surface of a reunion all these years later.

The closest they may ever get is the band Three Friends, consisting of some former members of Gentle Giant, which is a good thing.

There will never be anything to come along to beat the original Giant, though.

Left to right: Derek Shulman, Ray Shulman, Joh...
Left to right: Derek Shulman, Ray Shulman, John Weathers, Gary Green, and Kerry Minnear; 1977. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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