Continuing with “Django week,” there was one country music legend who, when asked to name the 10 most influential guitarists of the 20th century, put Django Reinhardt at the top of the list, and he placed himself fifth.

A Session with Chet Atkins
A Session with Chet Atkins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That was Chet Atkins.

Some people might think that Atkins placing himself that high might have been a display of ego.  I’d say it’s more a sign of self-confidence, knowing the kind of influence you’ve had when it comes to your craft throughout your career.

There are few who could argue that Chet Atkins didn’t deserve to be ranked that high … at least anyone who was really paying attention to what Chet was doing when he played.  He didn’t just play country.  He could handle jazz and classical styles as well.  In fact, he was at times criticized for crossing those “musical boundaries” a bit too much.

Maybe that criticism came more from jealousy that Atkins could do it so well, so effortlessly.

But it was country music where Chet’s signature sound was born, and it’s there that it will always remain.


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