I’ve already featured the jazzier side of George Benson‘s music on Tuesday as part of “Django week,” looking at a few of the guitarists who’ve been inspired or influenced by the legendary Belgian player Django Reinhardt.

That's Right (album)
George Benson, “That’s Right” (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tuesday featured some of Benson’s lesser-known music, yet it provided a look at some of his best guitar playing.  He was already known as one of the best jazz players around by the time his career skyrocketed even more in the mid-’70s because of his singing style.

I’ve loved that combination out of Benson for a lot of years.  He’s got those Django-like chops on guitar, and on vocals he’s smooth as silk.

As I said on Tuesday, Benson’s career has been a lot like that of the late Nat King Cole — becoming well-known because of one instrument (the piano in Cole’s case) and then gaining greater fame through his vocal style.

For George Benson, his voice is filled with soul.  And he definitely knows how to “sell it.”


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