A few of us in the family felt the need to do something different on Saturday, yet something that doesn’t cost a bunch of money — something we could do with our dogs, just hopping in the pickup truck and heading up to the mountains for a quick outdoor jaunt.

Our favorite destination for such a thing in the Wasatch Valley is a hike up to Dog Lake near the top of Millcreek Canyon.  It’s around a six-mile round trip hike, not overly strenuous, but the steady uphill climb — especially near the top as you get within .2 miles of the lake — makes for a good cardio workout.

It must be called Dog Lake for a reason.  It’s a popular destination for hikers with canines, rewarding them at the end of the trail with a small and still body of water with plenty of sticks around for fetching and a cold swim.

There are also three places along the way where the mutts can get a break with a cool drink from a gentle mountain stream.

The scenery’s not bad either.

(All still photos below by John G. Miller and Alicia Miller, Copyright 2012, Daddysangbassdude Media — ANY UNAUTHORIZED DUPLICATION OR REPRODUCTION IS PROHIBITED)

Son Curtis Miller with Sami.
Daughter Alicia Miller and her loyal friend Fancy.
Lovely wife Amy and Buster.

Maybe a bolt of lightning made its mark on this tree?

Fancy takes a break.
“The water boy”
Alicia found some mountain mushrooms.

Fancy gets a little help from her friend Alicia on the steepest part of the trail, nearing Dog Lake.
There’s a wild and furry friend in those branches, enjoying a snack while watching the people pass by.
Dog Lake, we have arrived.

A bit of stillness on Dog Lake.
A view from the trail on the way back down to head home.
This cowgirl’s nearing the end of the trail.

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