I featured the Florida-born band Sawyer Brown last week because I’d seen them years ago at the Eastern Idaho State Fair, and — yet again — I talked about how a ticket to see Charlie Daniels and Travis Tritt together in one night at the EISF was one of the most rocking live shows I’ve ever seen.

I’ve featured Travis Tritt in one of my country playlists before.  So guess who I’m featuring today?

English: Charlie Daniels - Taken at the Countr...
English: Charlie Daniels – Taken at the Country Fever Festival in Pryor, Oklahoma 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where do I begin with Charlie, aside from the fact that any cowboy hat I’ve ever owned — dating back to my high school days — has been shaped as much as possible like one that Charlie himself would wear?  The last two hats I’ve gotten, straw and felt, have been custom-shaped by a true hat-shaping artist.  When he wanted to know how I wanted them to look, I said two words:  “Charlie Daniels.”  He went right to work.

I could also tell about how, when I was a country music disc jockey in my late teens, I used to love to play Charlie’s songs … even if some of them weren’t on the radio station’s “approved list.”  The management might not have approved, but I know from calls that I’d get from listeners that they did.

Yeah, I was a bit of a rebel back then.  Maybe a bit like Charlie himself.


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