Iced tea, popular throughout the U.S.

I was leading the way late Monday afternoon in a two-pickup-truck convoy to a landfill with a soft brown couch filling up most of the bed of my truck, drinking some cold iced tea out of a big cup on a hot summer day after loading up the two vehicles and heading out while helping a good friend move away.

The big United Van Lines moving truck was gone, on its way to Florida.  This was all that was left, things to be tossed out.

My radio was tuned to a favorite classic rock station.  A song or two into the drive, a tune came on that just seemed to fit a “natural playlist” that fit the mood perfectly, with my friend and his family all moving clear across the country.

The tune was written for the songwriter’s children, but it could fit people of many different ages given the same circumstances, asking the question, “What’s a good way to say farewell … for now?”

And there it was, on the radio, almost like it was planned that way at that very moment.  I had to smile as the song played …


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