English: Stanley Clarke and Victor Wooten in T...
English: Stanley Clarke and Victor Wooten in The SMV Thunder Tour at Stockholm Jazz Fest 2009 Stanley Clarke (left): Alembic bass Victor Wooten (right): Fodera Yin-Yang 4 String (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I feel the need for some special kind of “pop” in my jazz-fusion today.  It’s the kind of “pop” best provided on the bass by Stanley Clarke.

Whether it’s on an acoustic double bass or one of his familiar electric Alembics, Clarke can get a pop out of any of them.  But it’s especially on the Alembics where you hear that funky, Larry Graham-style “slap-n-pop” quite often in his playing.

Stanley’s played with some giants of jazz — Stan Getz, Gil Evans, Horace Silver, Art Blakey, etc. — early in his career.  It was with Chick Corea and Return To Forever that he gained even more attention.  It’s been through his own solo work and standout studio sessions that he’s become a giant in his own right.

I’ll take his acoustic work any day, including when he pulls out the bow and plays the double bass that way.  But that “pop” that comes from the Alembic … that’s the kind of style that helps to define Stanley Clarke.


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