If there’s one jazz fusion outfit I wouldn’t mind investing in a bit more for my music collection if I could, it would be a German import — Passport.

English: Klaus Doldinger (Passport), Offside F...
English: Klaus Doldinger (Passport), Offside Festival 2008, Geldern/Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was introduced to Klaus Doldinger‘s Passport several years ago by an online friend.  It’s amazing how you can meet some people through the worldwide web alone, never meeting them in person, and you begin to find that their tastes in such things as music can be very similar to your own just by talking about it.

Doldinger himself has said that Passport isn’t so much a “set group” as much as it is an outlet for the German saxophonist to bring musicians together to create a Doldinger “project.”

These “projects” have been created since the first release in 1971, continuing on into the new century.

Doldinger has been around the music world professionally since the 1950s, but he’s stayed more on the European side of “the pond.”  That’s made him more of an unknown in the States, but once you’re exposed to it his music has a way of staying with you.


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