By Amy Kathleen Miller

There is another animal that I enjoy every day, aside from horses.  I take our dogs for a romp daily.

Our big red border collie, Buster, is my very adorable doggie pal.  Sami is an adorable American Eskimo who has top quality show dog parents.  She is a super dog to have as a companion.  American Eskimos are great dogs because they are loyal to their person.  We have another American Eskimo, her name is Fancy, and she belongs to daughter Alicia.


Let me start with an introduction to Sami.  We have had her for five years.  When we got her as a puppy, she looked like a polar bear cub.  But to anyone who didn’t know us and wanted to pet Sami, she became aggressive toward people at a very young age.  We originally bought Sami for son Grant, but he doesn’t take her jogging and that is why she became attached to me.  But Grant named her and picked the unique spelling of her name, which I think is a rather cute spelling.

We were lucky enough to find a dog breeder who was more interested in finding her dogs loving homes rather than having a really high price.  The breeder had a higher price for Sami, and I told her I couldn’t afford that but my home would be a good home for a wonderful family dog.  She lowered her price and brought me the best puppy she thought would be a good family dog.  Sami has proven that she is a wonderful dog and she loves her family.

I handled Sami’s aggression by taking her for walks and asking the people that I met along the way if they would like to pet her.  While they were getting ready to pet her, I asked them to give her some food that I had with me, and then they could pet her.  Sami loved it.

I have discovered that raising puppies took much of my time.  It was like toting another baby around when they are really young, having to take them out every couple hours to go “do their business.”


Buster is more like a border collie cross, but he is so beautiful.  I get a lot of compliments about how pretty and kind he is.  He craves the attention of children, whether they are my students or not.  He loves to run and play and have adequate attention — that is, he craves attention most of the time.  He has become my “shadow” with big green eyes.  He is a very loyal dog, he’s not brave to a great extent, he has a little bit of aggression because of he is a scaredy-cat … I mean, dog.  But he loves to go on hikes and follow me around my humble abode.  He loves to play fetch.


Fancy is Alicia’s American Eskimo.  We were only going to foster her for a dog rescue organization that does fostering instead of putting them in a shelter.  Fancy’s former owner died from an accidental overdose of painkillers, which crushed Fancy’s young spirit.  Her former owner loved her so much that Fancy was a very loyal and obviously a spoiled dog to her and was definitely in mourning when we first picked her up.  For days, Fancy kept to herself.  She would cry and whine and looked heartbroken.

Everyone in the family tried their best to comfort her.  But the person who really won Fancy’s heart over was Alicia, and because of that love we didn’t have the heart to send this dog off to another home.  Fancy adores Alicia and looks like a dreadfully lost soul when her young mistress is gone.  But she livens up when Alicia arrives home again.  Fancy and Alicia sleep together.  While Alicia sleeps in late, Fancy lays with her and keeps watch over her.  When anyone tries to wake up Alicia, Fancy barks as if she is very annoyed that we are bothering her sleeping beauty.  She, however, ends up waking up Alicia herself with her barking.

We all love our beautiful dogs and I really relish the opportunity to tell you about them and their loyalty to our family.  I just adore our dogs.

Editor’s Note:  “Amy’s Angle” is a weekly Wednesday feature in this blog.

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