Appreciate him for his playing in Genesis.  Appreciate him for his vast catalog of solo music.

English: Photo of Steve Hackett performing wit...
English: Photo of Steve Hackett performing with Genesis. January 17, 1977 in City Hall, Newcastle. Photo by John Bell, obtained from (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, I’m not talking about Phil Collins here.  I’m talking about guitarist Steve Hackett.  My guess is that when many progressive rock fans see who I’m talking about, there will be a collective nod of the head as the appreciation sets in.

Hackett is one of those players who has his own signature sound on guitar.  It’s almost like having a second keyboard player at times, especially when he goes into his tapping technique that Hackett has claimed Eddie Van Halen learned from him by attending a Genesis concert in the early 1970s.

His work on classical guitar has always been brilliant.

Hackett’s playing was a key part of Genesis’ rise to popularity, and its success wouldn’t have suffered a bit if the group had decided to use more of the songs Hackett either wrote or co-wrote.  He found himself in a band filled with proficient songwriters, and the competition to include songs on albums and in concert setlists was fierce.  It led to frustration on Hackett’s part, which helped lead to his departure from the band in 1977.

Genesis would carry on and evolve without Hackett, moving into Top 40 radio success and sold-out stadium shows.  Hackett would do just fine on his own, however.  And while Genesis eventually called it quits as a band, Hackett continues to crank out more new music on a fairly frequent basis.

Older fans of Genesis and many progressive rock fans in general are happy with that.


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